The Water Balloon Battle Royale

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 9/11-9/15

​We started this week off with a trip to the Central Library! We picked out many books for the school’s reading corners and for our own projects.

We kicked off our Fall Standing Plans this week with an inaugural Water Balloon Battle, and a puppet show using our newly built Puppet Theatre! Our new standing plans include a Room A Music class, Potions & Chemistry class, Guitar class, Youtube Club, and more!

puppetspuppet friends

We celebrated Jessica’s Birthday and Ryan’s Birthday with the birthday song and bumps for Jessica and cupcakes from Ryan (even though he had to stay home sick). We also had to say goodbye to a long-time student, Silver, because he is moving.

We’ve had lots of All-School Meetings where we discussed changing around our space and came up with new lunchroom plans to work around allergens.

Have a beautiful weekend!

VFS Staff

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First week of School 17-18!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 9/5-9/8

Welcome to the first Weekly Update of the 2017-18 school year!

Inside of our little school, we have spent a beautiful week seeing our friends and making new ones, getting familiar with the new setup and the space itself for some of us. Unfortunately, our plans to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather had to be revised because of the terrible air quality. We were able to come up with lots of fun indoor plans instead.

We went to OMSI twice and had such a great time, most of us weren’t really ready to leave when we needed to head back for our Last Snack of the Day.

On Wednesday we celebrated Tutti Appreciation Day by making paper plate turtle shells and turtle origami and showing how much we care about our one and only turtle!

We had an eat-like-Tutti Watermelon challenge as well. It was so much fun!

We voted in an All-School Meeting that the clean-up committee will work on assigning each student a clean-up job. It has also been voted that Screen time will only take place in the playroom.

On Thursday we watched a documentary to learn about the Caribbean Sea and visited OMSI again!

On the last day of the week we got a visit from Art a la Carte and made some killer projects.

We also experimented with making different kinds of boats and floating them in the kiddie pool outside! What a great first week we had!

Have a great weekend!

VFS Staff

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Last Day of School!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 6/5-6/9

​It is our final Weekly Update of the year!

We had a blast on every single day during this Adventure week.

moxie suki and llamavigo finn and llamas

We got to hang out with llamas on Monday, including a baby llama!

On Tuesday, we went on a hangar tour at Horizon Air organized by Nathan Dunn and his family. We learned so much about operating an airline and how pilots and air traffic controllers and flight attendants do their jobs.

We got to see all of the commercial jets that were flying across the U.S. at that time on a map which is used to track flights, and we even got to go on an airplane and sit in the pilot and co-pilot’s seats on the flight deck!

After working hard to raise money and organize, a group of our teens and some staff got to stay by the Ocean on Monday and Tuesday night for their beach trip!

Wednesday we went to the fountain and played on a big water mattress outside.

We went on a fun trip to Lacamas Lake on Thursday and hiked around to beautiful waterfalls and a dam, saw banana slugs, went swimming, and played on the playground!

On our last day we had our fun potluck party and said our sad goodbyes.

Have a wonderful summer. We’ll see you in the Fall!

VFS Staff

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Celebrations and play!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 5/29-6/2

This time of the year just seems to fly by! Just in the blink of an eye, we are already in our last weeks of school!

Classes ended this week with lots of celebrations and play! We had our last visit to OMSI on Tuesday. Civics had an American-themed party on Wednesday!

Gardening class harvested lettuce and mint leaves to make super fresh salad rolls!

The last Project Fair was a blast again! We have featured the creation of the doll’s house, hamster’s race, the demo of Fiona the Game (a video game completely programmed by Oliver Morris), the model of the airport hanger, tree project, Jew’s Goos goo shop, and so many more!

On Friday, we cleaned the entire school for our Community Clean-up Day! In the All-school meeting at noon, we joined the metro Portland community in observing a moment of silence in memory of victims from the Max hate crime.

The kids enjoyed the rest of the day with a movie afternoon and some post-cleaning treats!

Have a peaceful weekend

VFS Staff

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Sprinkler Time!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 5/22-5/26

at the parksprinklers

We’ve been having a super productive and celebratory week! On Monday we spent a beautiful day picnicking and playing around at Essex Park and then came back to school to play in the sprinklers and kiddie pools for the rest of the day and all day Tuesday! We’ve had a lot more than the sunny weather to celebrate this week, though.

ben graduatinggraduation hug

Our dear Ben had his graduation on Thursday night. Ben has been here at school since the current Directors first took over leadership of the school! We have all been lucky to see him grow into the kind and thoughtful young adult he is now!

leonards birthdayalvah birthday

We also had some birthday celebrations this week! Alvah turned 9 on Thursday and we celebrated Leonard’s 3rd birthday (which is Sunday) a little early on Friday!

supreme moot court

moot court

The Civics Class also had their final Moot Supreme Court hearings on Wednesday. The students did an amazing job being justices and attorneys, discussing real historical cases.

Have super spectacular weekend!

VFS Staff

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Talent Show!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 5/15-5/19

After we spent Monday snoozing in our pajamas and watching movies, we ended up having a pretty busy and fun week!

Students are already busy preparing for the Project Fair. We’ve seen dollhouses, and lots of guns being made of cardboard and paper.

Dove organized a talent show on Thursday, and we saw lots of incredible performances by Rachael, Fiona, London, and Spence.

Rumor has it that Kathy even performed an amazing magic trick for those lucky enough to spot it!

On Friday, Sarah came in to host a Chemistry class for Room B students. We even had a dance party towards the end of the week.

We always love it when the sun is out! We planted some more vegetables in our VFS garden, made our own piñatas, and played with kinetic sand outside too!

Have a sunny weekend!

VFS Staff

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a wheelie fun week

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 5/8-5/12

While it was sunny out this week, we spent a lot of time playing and learning outside! Several classes including Harry Potter Read Aloud, Drama Club’s Improv Workshop, and Comics Club were held outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Inspired by Monday’s “Wheelie Fun Day”, kids have been bringing in Powerwings scooters, skateboards, and a Rip Rider trike to ride around campus all week long! Kids also made paper airplanes, drew street chess, and created a Foursquare court outside!

On Thursday, VFS hosted the first workshop in the series of the Interrupting Oppressive Language workshops, held a Dance class hosted by Portland School of Dance and Music, and welcomed the public in the evening for the Free School 101!

We got to hang out at OMSI this week and had some really interesting classes. In the Artist Study class, we learned about Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist, and made our own artwork inspired by his Pure Abstract art. In our Science Fair class, Jack taught us how to make record players out of paper and needles! And in the Gardening Class we went to the river in search of worms to help our plants grow!

Have fun on your rainy weekend and be on the lookout for worms!

VFS Staff

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