Happy Halloween!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 10/30-11/3

We had a spooky couple of weeks here at Free School!

​Last week, we got a donation of giant sheets of cardboard, and used them to built fort village in front of school! Some of us worked on a cardboard wall mural too 🙂

​We started getting ready for our Halloween party and worked on some Fall Crafts with leaves.

​We celebrated Silas’ 8th birthday last week too!

​History class wrapped up their discussion on the Vietnam war and began learning about the Korean war and Science Class learned about and experimented with Chemistry.

​We had such a great time on our first trip to the Plumper Pumpkins Pumpkin Patch, where we played on a very rustic playground, skee-balled with pumpkins, and watched some piglets showcase their athleticism in a race through tunnels and over straw to their lunches!

​On Halloween, we played a game of life size Candy Land with the staff dressed as all of our favorite Candy Land board characters! We had a costume contest to honor all of the hard work and creativity that people put into their costumes. It was so much fun! During the rest of the week, we braved sugar crashes and our first bouldering trip!

​VFS Staff

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