Parent Workshops

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 10/16-10/20

On Monday, we had two parent-hosted offerings, led by Len and Tim. In the wood workshop, Tim taught people about power tool safety, and the group built some workspace platforms for the Play Room. In the folding (or compact) bike workshop, Len taught about some of the history and mechanics of folding bikes and taught some bike repairs.

wood workshopbecks invention

On Tuesday, Room C visited the Multnomah County Courthouse and got to observe some court proceedings. It was a great complement to their Mock Trials class led by Cari.

We’ve been playing lots and lots of Everybody’s It Tag outside in the rainy weather. London led her yoga class, where people experimented with some really ambitious partner yoga. There have also been tons of art and projects happening at school. Electra started her new Art Class and some people worked on some Halloween crafts and opened up an art shop too! We spent the afternoon on Wednesday at OMSI checking out Turbine Hall and the Science Playground.

We also did some science experiments here at school, and watched some amazing science videos. The student couch hosted a conversation around whether using Social Media should be considered appropriate outside of screen time.

VFS Staff

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