Tornadoes! Fire! Vortexes! Banned Books!

VFS Weekly Update

for the week of 9/25-9/29

​On our Adventure Monday, we made a trip to the Belmont Firehouse. We learned about the life of firefighters and how the fire station operates. We also saw a video about what to do in a fire emergency and talked about how we can stay safe in case of a fire. We even got a chance to slide down the pole like a firefighter!

​Room A explored Tornadoes and Vortexes this week during Room A science class! They made their own tiny tornadoes. Some people spent time during the week doing experiments on their own too!

science class

Room C had their Mock Trial class taught by Cari (Martin’s mom) and Physics offered by Chrisina (Nathan’s mom). They also got a chance to celebrate the freedom to read with a discussion around Banned Books Week led by Justine.

​Creativity was flowing with paper plate art, pumpkin carving, and sewing projects!

​We took advantages of Portland’s last round of sun to play outside, and tried out some slacklining!



​We enjoyed playing games as always and played with Tutti too!

yu gi ohtech decks

Try to have as much fun as Tutti this weekend!

VFS Staff

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